Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEMALMSCO's technologies have been incorporated into instruments through OEM partnerships, as well as within wider projects for a variety of industries.

Our engineers work with your team to integrate ALMSCO technology within your existing products, to deliver complete product packages for new market opportunities.

Examples of OEM products we've been involved with include:
  • Hand-held sensors for herbicides.
  • Sensor for high-sensitivity near real-time analysis.
  • High-sensitivity time-of-flight mass spectrometers for GC×GC. (See here)
  • Variable-energy electron ionisation sources (Select-eV). (See here)
  • Analysers for rapid determination of explosives.
  • Software for identification of target compounds in chromatography. (See here)
  • Microfluidics for gas chromatogaphy. (See here)

Contact ALMSCO at enquiries@almsco.com to discuss how our engineering resources may contribute to your product needs.


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